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Trilogy’s Employment Program Obtains Top Fidelity Score

Posted by Adolfo Luna on Thu, Jun 22, 2017 @ 11:25 AM

Last March, Team Olympic of the Supported Employment Program (SEP) at Trilogy was reviewed by the Illinois Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Mental Health and received one of the top scores in the State of Illinois. In this post, we explain how the resulting fidelity score serves as an indicator of how well the team adheres to the most progressive, evidence-based model offered to individuals with mental illness and substance abuse disorders.

This April, Team Denali of SEP was also reviewed and can now proudly say they hold the highest fidelity score in the state. The team obtained a score of 123 from their review, and great acclaims from the reviewers.  Torrie Baker, Manager of the IPS Supported Employment Program, says “the reviewers were truly impressed with the team’s adherence to the model of IPS across all service provisions.” In interviews conducted during the review, employment team members were not the only ones who were well versed in the services offered, their importance, and the role they play in recovery for our clients. The reviewers also spoke to six employees outside of the employment program, and all of them could promote and speak about employment services with great accuracy. “This affirms how the employment program works to reach new populations through integration with innovative new programs at the organization like First Episode Psychosis, Williams, and Colbert.SEP's Team Denali

The exemplary performance of Team Denali has been recognized in years past through many markers, opportunities, and awards. In 2013, the team achieved the highest baseline fidelity score in the history of Illinois, indicating great performance from the offset. In 2015, the team received the Transformation Award from the Dartmouth, Johnson & Johnson learning collaborative for transforming the employment program into the new model of IPS.

With this growing recognition, the work at Trilogy is even reaching audiences abroad. In the summer of 2016, a team of six employment specialists from the Netherlands came to shadow Team Denali for one week. The team from the Netherlands was new to the IPS model, and won a trip to observe an IPS Supported Employment Program in the USA. Dartmouth, the creator of this model had recommended Team Denali for this visit.

While the team enjoys opportunities to share their work and promote Supported Employment with others, they also take great pride in the individual outcomes clients can achieve. Last February, a client from Trilogy’s employment program sat on a panel discussion for CJE Senior Life and spoke about her own successes with the IPS model at Trilogy. The client had a background in visual merchandising but left the workforce when faced with difficulties surrounding her mental illness. While working with Trilogy towards recovery, she engaged with the employment program to rejoin the employment as a visual merchandiser for a national greeting card retailer. Services meant not only finding this client a job she wanted, but also helping her retain that job, and excel in it. The client has since been promoted to a management position in that company.

While great praise was given to the staff of Team Denali, and their Team Leader, Megan Ray, a point was also made to mention how senior leaders such as Vice President Samantha Handley and CEO & President John Mayes have molded integration of the program into the culture at Trilogy, and collaboration with external agencies such as the Department of Rehabilitation Services. Great things are in store for this team and program as Trilogy’s leadership continues to plan for growth into new areas, and service new populations.

If you have questions about the employment program at Trilogy, or if you represent an organization interested in recruiting talented individuals through our program, please contact Torrie Baker at

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