Services at Trilogy: Intensive Crisis 

Program is structured and operates according to the Illinois Department of Human Services’ Division of Mental Health guidelines and employs the ”Best Practices” Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) and Community Support Team (CST) treatment models. Clients enter through a centralized point of intake and are assessed in order to determine which path of support would best suit their needs and preferences.  Clients are eligible for ACT if they have serious mental illness and experience the most intractable symptoms —posing a threat to their ability to live independently in the community. These individuals require 24-hour support and seven-days a week linkage to ongoing mental health services as well as primary care and substance use counseling. Clients are eligible for CST support if they have a history of chronic homelessness, repeat arrests and incarcerations and/or excessive use of emergency services with failed linkages to services.  Both teams are instrumental in helping clients gain access to necessary resources such as medical care, psychiatric services, housing and entitlements, e.g., Public Aid, Social Security, and Medicaid insurance. 

ACT and CST Teams specializes in delivering mental health services in the community—not in the office—and are designed to meet the individualized educational, vocational, residential, mental health, co-occurring disorders, financial, social and other treatment support needs of each person served. Mental health consumers encountered by the ACT or CST team may enter services through a variety of intake scenarios.

 Direct Service

  • Each of our ACT Teams is equipped with three Recovery Counselors as well as one full-time nurse, a substance use counselor, an Employment Specialist, and a Peer Specialist. At least 80% of all services take place in the community. There is a “no drop-out policy” – 95% of consumers are retained over a 12-month period. ACT specialists provide street outreach and average two hours per week or more of services per consumer. The ACT Specialists staff and maintain a toll-free 24-hour crisis line that is available to all ACT clients for assessment, counseling, information and/or referrals. In the case of medical emergencies, crisis staff facilitate linkage to emergency medical care.

  • CST Specialists administer and monitor a 24-hour psychiatric crisis line which provides crisis assessment and intervention as indicated. Staff manage referrals from consumers, landlords, family members, shelters, other social service agencies, police and area hospitals. CST Specialists provide case management intervention to individuals who are difficult to engage or may have dropped out of treatment because of a lack of insight into their illness or other negative symptoms.  Staff are also available to help facilitate emergency hospitalizations, provide access to respite care for people who are homeless and mentally ill, and support both persons served and family members during a psychiatric crisis.

  • Our Intake Coordinators handle non-emergency client intake services and ensures that applicants are linked to appropriate services within Trilogy or if indicated, to our collaborators.

Linkage Specialists provide immediate case management when applicants for Trilogy services present with acute needs, helping them gain access to necessary community resources such as medical care, housing and entitlements, e.g., Public Aid, social security, and Medicaid insurance.