Services at Trilogy: Employment

Trilogy Chicago Employment Services

Trilogy is a learning partner in the Johnson & Johnson – Dartmouth Community Mental Health Program, also called the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) supported employment learning collaborative. The IPS model for supported employment is the most progressive, evidence-based model to be offered to individuals with serious and persistent mental illness. Trilogy has consistently received the highest fidelity score in the history of the State of Illinois for our Supported Employment Program.

Work is an important factor in most of our lives, and this is no different for people who have a mental illness. Trilogy’s Supported Employment Program provides people with mental illness direct placement in competitive employment settings with supports to help them succeed. An important feature of supported employment is equitable compensation: wages and benefits must be the same as other workers in similar jobs receive.

The supported employment program uses a rapid job search and placement approach to help recipients obtain jobs directly, rather than providing them with pre-employment vocational experiences. This is done so by building relationships with community-based employers and worksites.  The Employment Specialist (ES) and client identify individualized job placements based on their preferences, strengths, and work experiences. The ES serves as a job coach while supporting clients through the process of searching for, adjusting to, and maintaining employment