Services at Trilogy: Integrated Services

Trilogy Chicago Integrated Services

Trilogy’s Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment Program (IDDT) is a resource for people with co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorders. The best available research consistently demonstrates that mental illness and substance use disorders influence and interact with each other and are most effectively treated when treated together.

Our approach to treatment is to meet individuals served at their own stages of recovery. Furthermore, individuals enrolled in the IDDT Program receive care that is well-coordinated with other Trilogy services when necessary.

Individual Services

Before an individual enrolls in the IDDT Program, a thorough assessment is completed. This assessment ensures that the treatment interventions selected by Trilogy’s professionals are appropriate to the individual’s stage of recovery. Once enrolled, individuals served can utilize psychotherapy and skill building. Common themes addressed during individual appointments include psychoeducation about mental illness and substance use, analysis of the functions of substance use, impact of trauma and loss, development and promotion of new coping skills, and sober supports.

Group Services

At this time individuals enrolled in the Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment program can take part in groups offered by Trilogy’s Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) Program. For individuals in recovery from mental illness and substance use disorders, groups promote recovery by helping individuals increase social support, self-reflection, ability to express feelings appropriately and personal accountability.

Example groups:

    • Dialectical Behavior Therapy – Build skills to increase self-acceptance while decreasing impulsive or self-harming behaviors.

    • Symptom Management – A group reserved for individuals with symptoms such as auditory hallucinations and non-traditional thought processes. Learn strategies to reduce the impact of these symptoms.

    • Mental Illness Substance Abuse (MISA) – Discuss challenges specific to the lived experience of co-occurring mental illness and substance use.

    • Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) – Build personal empowerment by creating a recovery plan that articulates treatment preferences and early warning signs of relapse.

    • Whole Health Action Management (WHAM) – Engage in self-management and crystallize goals to achieve better whole health and wellness.

Trilogy’s IDDT program is licensed by The Illinois Department of Human Services Division of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (DASA).

Funding for IDDT services is provided in part by the Chicago Department of Public Health/Office of Substance Abuse Programs.

Additionally, Trilogy offers office-based opioid treatment and has providers eligible to administer Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT).