Services at Trilogy: Integrated Services

Trilogy Chicago Integrated Services


Trilogy offers substance use treatment in a safe, non-judgmental context that recognizes that individuals may use substances for a wide variety of reasons.  As a result, treatment is tailored to individual needs and preferences.  We will not presume to know what is best for you nor dictate your treatment goals.  Instead, we will endeavor to partner with you as you explore and establish a life that is not negatively impacted by substances. 


Individual Therapy/Counseling 

Trilogy’s approach to substance abuse individual therapy is to collaborate with individuals in developing goals for desired change while aligning with their stage of recovery.  Therapy assists individuals in developing necessary skills, sober supports and self-confidence in one’s ability to make meaningful changes.  Individuals will receive support on identifying and effectively addressing barriers to establishing and maintaining desired changes.  Common areas addressed through therapy include psychoeducation on mental illness and substance abuse, building insight into current using and relapse patterns, impact of trauma and loss, role of relationships, development of effective coping skills, prevention planning and how to utilize sober supports. 


Group Therapy 

Group provides a safe and confidential space for self-reflection and expression of one’s thoughts and feelings.  Group promotes members in taking action in their recovery by exploring numerous principles of recovery as well as available resources.  Members are able to navigate current challenges in their recovery while receiving supportive feedback from their peers.  Group space allows for members to hold each other accountable while encouraging them to provide honest and respectful feedback.  Group supports members in increasing social sober supports and achieving balance in their recovery. 


Integrated Dual Diagnosis Treatment 

Trilogy’s Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment Program (IDDT) is a resource for people with co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorders. The best available research consistently demonstrates that mental illness and substance use disorders influence and interact with each other and are most effectively treated when treated together.  Common themes addressed include education about mental illness and substance use, analysis of the functions of substance use, impact of trauma and loss, development and promotion of new coping skills and development of sober supports. 


Medication Assisted Treatment 

The Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) program is designed to help adult participants overcome addiction by providing them with medication that eases withdrawal symptoms and cravings.  Medication assisted treatment is offered at Trilogy’s integrated health clinic in collaboration with Heartland Alliance.  Along with counseling and therapy, MAT may help individuals modify their behavior to make better lifestyle changes for long-term success. Treatment for dependency on opiates, alcohol or other substances can include the use of a few medications. We work closely with individuals to help determine the most appropriate treatment plan for them. 

Benefits of Medication Assisted Treatment: 

  • Reduces or eliminates cravings 
  • Decreases withdrawal symptoms 
  • Reduces the risk of relapse 
  • Hospitalization is generally not needed  

Benefits vary based on factors that include dependency on opiates, alcohol or other substances.

Please contact our intake line at 773-382-4060 to determine eligibility for these programs.