Drop-in Mental Health Services at the Trilogy Beacon


The Trilogy Beacon is a seven day a week, 365 day per year drop-in center that offers peer-to-peer leadership. If you are interested in learning more about your eligibility for drop-in services, please call our intake line at 773-382-4005 or visit one of our walk-in intake locations.

The initial goal of the Beacon was to serve more than 400 unduplicated participants per year. One of the great successes of The Trilogy Beacon is that we currently serve more than 1500 guests per month.

In 2010, Trilogy was awarded a $330,000 three-year competitive Title XX grant that allowed us to significantly enhance our Drop-In center by hiring three full-time and two part-time Peer Specialists—mental health consumers who have completed specific training that enables them to enhance a person’s wellness and recovery by providing peer support—and an Employment Specialist—a recovery counselor who assists with job exploration, job searching, resume writing, mock interviews, and job coaching.

The mission of The Trilogy Beacon is to build a safe community, grounded in mental health recovery, where peers inspire, support and empower each other through social, vocational, leadership and advocacy opportunities.  The Beacon is a secure milieu—free of threats to our participants’ physical and emotional well-being. Participants work together to create a special place for all adults living with serious mental illness to work on their recovery.  This exciting program increases access to therapy and employment services for our underserved client population and those individuals presenting as having serious mental illness.